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Our Mission Statement

At Reremoana School we:

  • Learn to learn and learn together
  • Nurture wellbeing and growth
  • Aspire to succeed and make a difference

About Us

Reremoana School is a full primary (Years 1 - 8) school on the Wattle Downs peninsula in Manurewa, South Auckland. We are enormously proud of the diversity reflected in our student population and community. 

We are also very proud of our name, Reremoana School, and what it represents. Reremoana is a significant figure in local Maori history. She was the wife of Maori chief Wirihana Takanini - who both the Takanini and Wiri areas are named after - and she is the mother of ‘Reremoana Mahia’. Reremoana Mahia's name is reflected in the naming of Mahia Road and Mahia Creek. Translated, Reremoana means ‘waters flowing to the sea’. The symbolism of water flowing to the sea relates beautifully to our school and community preparing children (the water), for their journey out into the world (the sea).

The unique architectural design of the school’s original footprint is symbolic of a kite, and is representative of a local Maori legend about two brothers, Tama Pahore and Tama Pahure, having a kite flying competition. This symbolism has been incorporated in a number of ways at the school, including our school’s Learning Model. Over the years kites have been made and flown to represent this important aspect of our school, and recalling and retelling the legend it is based on is also a regular feature.

Our school opened February 7 2006, with 10 classroom spaces and a roll of 120 students. Since then we have had two new builds, a re-cladding of our original buildings and the addition of a modular classroom space and now have 20 classroom spaces, which operate as collaborative hubs of two.

Our Teams

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Phone us on (09) 269 0069 between 8:30am and 3:30pm, Monday - Friday,
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How to find us

15 Scotsmoor Drive, Wattle Downs
Auckland 2103

Post Office Box: 75 210, Manukau 2243
Auckland, New Zealand

Office – office@reremoana.school.nz
Principal – principal@reremoana.school.nz


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